Reseller’s Cluster Admin Panel

The reseller’s JCA can be accessed by adding the “jca.” prefix to the sub-platform domain name (the one provided during pre-requirements and account creation). The admin panel is similar to the classic one but with a few adjustments to hide the options available for the parent platform only. Herewith, it provides all the functionality required for customization and user management.

reseller cluster admin panel

Each new sub-platform is delivered already suitable for production, with the default settings copied from the parent hosting provider. If needed, most of the options can be personalized via the reseller JCA, refer to the linked guides for more details on each particular section:

  • Users - lists all of the accounts registered at the current sub-platform with detailed information on them (e.g. environments, actions log, or charging) and options for management (changing status, group, quotas, etc.)

  • Groups - allows creating new and managing existing user groups for this installation

  • Pricing Models - shows the list of the pricing models available on the platform and gives an ability to compose the previously created tariffs into new pricing plans

    • Tariffs - defines the costs and discounts for the resource consumption on the platform
  • Recharge Card - sets the sums, which are allowed upon refilling balance on this reseller

  • System Settings - provides access to the customizable platform settings

    • Links - allows changing the external links used in the dashboard and email notifications
    • User Interface - configures which of the UI elements should be displayed/hidden
  • About - displays the general information on the platform

All of the parameters of a particular sub-platform except System Settings can be managed through the parent hosting provider’s JCA.
Though the majority of settings are copied from the parent platform, some parameters should be configured for the platform to work correctly.

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