Cloud Hosting Reselling

The reselling statement defines the process of purchasing product (or service, like in our case) from the owner and, instead of utilizing, selling it further for gaining profit.

In the confines of web hosting, this means that a “parent” service provider divides its hardware into several smaller platforms. Such sub-platforms are delivered to other companies with all the appropriate software already installed and configured. The “white label” approach allows resellers to distribute PaaS hosting services over their brand name.

PaaS reselling program

The above-described collaboration can benefit all of the participants:

  • parent (primary) provider can delegate a part of its liabilities to the resellers and achieve a broader zone of influence and better local presence
  • resellers get a cheap and simple way to start their business under their unique brand name due to the “white label” approach
  • end-users obtain a more significant number of platforms to choose from, better support quality and quicker response time (due to smaller companies being able to approach each client individually)

Below, we’ll overview some less apparent benefits (use cases) of reselling model to familiarize you with the possible ways of this feature utilization.

Reselling Use Cases

The usage of the platform reselling feature is not limited to just a straightforward platform reselling. It can be utilized to support various specific cases, so we’ve listed some of the examples that you may be interested in:

  • Virtual Private Cloud

It is possible to provide an interested customer (e.g. companies that require advanced security and customization) with a VIP white labeled region, dedicated to the client’s personal needs, i.e. to be used as a Private Cloud.

  • Local Currency Support

You can create a separate reseller with a currency different from the one used on the primary platform. Such an option can complement the localization approach, majorly contributing to service appeal for customers in different countries.

Generally, it allows supporting multi-currency and targeting each particular country your service is provided at with the maximum efficiency.

  • Multi-Branding

With the help of the “white label” approach for the resellers, it’s possible to provide the same the platform platform under different brand names.

So, if you consider adding a reseller to your platform, a set of configuration steps is required.

What’s next?