Preparing GitLab Project for a Template

In order to get access to platform-managed templates storage, you need to create an account at the dedicated shared GitLab CI system first.

Further, free registration is going to be disallowed and will be performed only on request. Thus, if facing sign up restrictions, contact us to complete this procedure.
  1. Log in with your credentials and create a new project, where your custom template will be stored. Use the appropriate + button at the top panel. 1

  2. Next, specify the prefered Project name (e.g. custom-tomcat) and click Create project below. 2

  3. Before proceeding further, we recommend to adjust your repository due to the commonly accepted formatting rules - e.g. to add with a short project description or any other information you consider to be necessary. 3

When your GitLab project is ready, proceed to customizing template in Dockerfile.

What’s next?