Subscription-Based Products

The platform allows providing end-users with subscription-based solutions. The general idea is standard to the modern subscription services implementations – a client is charged once and gets a designated product for a specified period. The main target of such a pricing model is considered to be subscription-based WordPress packages. Still, the solution implementation is universal, allowing the adoption of other use cases as well.

The integration of the subscription-based solutions is done through the dedicated Products section in the cluster admins panel. Currently, only pre-packaged applications can be assigned, but the category can be extended in future releases (e.g. per account professional support services).

The subscription products give customers a fix-priced alternative to the default usage-based model. Let’s see how it works from the end-user perspective.

1. All products that are published and available for the user are displayed in the dedicated Subscription Plans tab of the Marketplace.

marketplace subscription plans

Note: The availability of this tab and subscription-based functionality in general is managed per group (per user) via the account.subscriptions.enabled quota.

subscription quotas

2. Hower over the required package from the list and click Install. Within the opened window, you can see all the configured service plans for the product (multiple ones can be available).

select subscription plan

Choose the required plan and click Buy.

3. In the pop-up, specify the following data:

  • Billing Period – choose the preferred period and pricing option from the list
  • Quantity – set a total number of instances included in the subscription

buy subscription plan

At the bottom of the frame, you can see the total sum of the configured subscription.

4. You will be charged immediately after clicking the Subscribe button. After that, the Buy button will be replaced with the Install one, allowing you to proceed with the package installation.

purchaced subscription plan

Tip: All the Subscriptions are added to the dedicated section in the account settings.

subscriptions user settings

Here, you can view all the subscriptions (status, usage, cost, etc.) and install (uninstall) corresponding packages. Also, the subscription can be terminated from this section.

5. The installation window is similar to a standard package. Provide all the required parameters and click the Install button.

install subscription product

6. The product will be automatically created in a minute.

subscription product environment

Access to some features (e.g. topology adjustment, environment cloning, and removal) may be restricted.

Tip: The Usage number in the Subscription panel automatically goes up after the new product installation. If the subscription includes multiple instances, additional ones can be created. In order to remove a product, click the Uninstall button and choose the needed one from the list.

delete subscription product

What’s next?