Testing Custom Template Deployment

Before integration to a Platform, we recommend to make sure that your template can be successfully deployed and includes all the customizations you’ve specified.

  1. To import image from GitLab, specify your custom registry as a source for Docker container creation (through either environment topology wizard or Marketplace). 11

Herewith, the registry address (value for the Name field) can be copied from the Registry tab at GitLab or specified manually as follows:



  • {user} - your account name on GitLab
  • {image} - repository name you’ve defined during project creation

Within the remaining Username / Password fields, type credentials to the appropriate repository.

  1. After creation completes, examine received container to ensure that your custom changes were applied successfully (in our case, we check whether hello.txt was added). 12

  2. Now, try to commit some changes to your Dockerfile. Due to the implemented CI/CD, the appropriate image template will be automatically rebuilt.

As a result, the made changes can be applied to any existing container by its simple update with the same tag version (i.e. no need to recreate it from scratch). 13

After you’ve ensured everything works fine, such custom template can be integrated through JCA (admin panel) to substitute the default one.

What’s next?