Upgrade Account Process

You can define the system behaviour during a user’s account upgrade. There are two algorithms available, depending upon which upgrade process is performed:

  • Upgrade account without funding

In this case, a user submits the Upgrade form, registers at hoster’s billing system, and immediately is converted to the billing group irrespective of if it has been funded or not.

As a result, this user gets the access to all billing-only features and resources and can use them even without paying. The charges will be applied only when the account is funded.

In case the balance hasn’t been funded within an amount of time stated in the JCA > Billing> Groups > account.upgradewindow quota, it becomes deactivated and will be automatically reactivated after balance replenishment.

  • Upgrade account after first fund

Here, a user submits the Upgrade form, registers at hoster’s billing system, and remains included in the trial user’s group until the first balance refilling.

In this case there is no overuse of the resources and premature access to the full version of features and resources is only available for billing group.

All the users who are waiting for the first payment completion are indicated with the upgrading mark alongside the email in the JCA > Users list.

The first variant of the account upgrading process is used by default. In the case you would like to change the default behavior, you can operate with the following quotas in the JCA > Billing > Groups section:

  • account.convert.after.first.fund.enabled
    This quota is used for trial user’s group. State 1 to enable the mechanism of account upgrade, only after the first fund.
  • account.upgradewindow
    This quota is for both trial and billing user groups. It defines the amount of hours an account remains active after upgrade in the case the balance is not refilled yet.
    If your users are upgraded to billing group only after the first account funding, you should state the preferred value of this quota for the trial group.
    If your users are upgraded at once after submitting the Upgrade form, then specify this quota’s value for billing group.

In addition, you can use billing.zero_balance_becoming_commercial and billing.zero_bonus_becoming_commercial quotas in the JCA > System Settings > jbilling parameters group in order to define if a user’s main and bonus balances should be reset to zero after an upgrade.