Upgrade Window Settings

While upgrading a user needs to fill in a form with a range of required data. The platform can be configured in order to customize this upgrade window for PBA and WHMCS systems.

upgraded form

The default upgrade window can be changed based on your requirements. There can be rearranged the order of the fields, deleted some of them or added any extra options. For example, to gather more details about user during upgrade you can add such custom fields as client type, Tax ID, citizenship ID, ID issue date, etc.

To configure these fields, follow the next steps:

1. Open JCA and navigate to the System settings menu item.

system settings

2. Enable Expert mode and expand jbilling parameter group.

Find account.convert.json.config parameter.

jbilling parameter

3. Edit the parameter value in order to customize the upgrade form for your users.

parameter value

Here you can set adding new fields to the form, ordering the existing ones or specifying extra rules. Below we provide the details on the Value syntax of account.convert.json.config parameter due to each function available.

Extra Fields Adding

Adding extra fields to the upgrade window consists of two parts:

Billing System Side Configurations

  • WHMCS billing system

If you use WHMCS billing system follow the next instruction to perform the settings:

1. Open WHMCS admin panel and navigate to Custom Client Fields option.

whmcs custom fields

2. In the opened tab specify the required options and click Create new custom field.

Note that here you can use only Text Box value in the Field Type option.

Remember the position number of each added custom field as it will be used during PaaS side configurations.

custom field whmcs

  • PBA billing system

If you use PBA billing system perform the following steps:

1. Open PBA admin panel and navigate to Settings > Attributes.


2. Click Add New Attribute, fill in the required fields and save.

Remember ID you specify as it will be used during PaaS side configurations.

Do not forget to tick Active checkbox.

Also note that you can use only String variant in the Value option.

adding attribute

Platform Side Configurations

In the account.convert.json.config parameter add extraFields value by stating:

  • name
    If you use WHMCS you need to state here the identifier of the created in admin panel custom field - its position number in the list (“1” and “2”, as in the example below). If you use PBA the name value here should be the same as ID value stated in the admin panel while creating new attribute.

  • fieldLabel
    This text will be shown on the form as a title of the field. Note that you should specify fieldLabel translation for each language your dashboard is localized to.


"extraFields":[{"name":"1","fieldLabel":{"en":"Passport Series","ru":"Серия паспорта"}},{"name":"2","fieldLabel":{"en":"Passport Number","ru":"Номер паспорта"}}]


Using “order” value you can change the order of all existing and custom fields. Just enumerate them as you wish to place them on the form.

"order":["firstName","middleName","lastName","company","-","countryCode","customerType","taxNumber", "extra_1","extra_2","state","street","city","phone"]


  • "-" value means blank line between fields.
  • All custom field values should consist prefix “extra” and identifier (used in “name” value) separated with underscore.


In the rules block you can specify different field values possible under some stated conditions or due to some actions performed.

Specify “condition”, “action” and “params” values if it is required.


After adding or changing the needed settings, click Ok. As a result, users will see customized upgrade form. In our case we’ve got two new fields (Passport Series and Passport Number).

upgraded form