VPS without Public IP

Usually, Elastic VPS requires an obligatory public IP address to be operated as a fully isolated and secured container with a single entry point. However, sometimes, a user may need to build a special application infrastructure, which is partially inaccessible from outside of the environment. In this case, a VPS with an internal IP may be required.

If you receive such a request, you can allow this particular client to use VPS with internal IP address instead of the external one.

This possibility should be granted only for those users, whose intentions are undoubtedly trusted. Thus before proceeding further, please ensure such a server won’t be used for any harmful impact on the platform components, for scanning its internal network, etc.
  1. Navigate to the Users section of your JCA panel and Search for the appropriate email (or UID) to quickly find the required client:
    jca search for user

Select this user to display additional information in the section to the right.

  1. Switch to the Quotas tab and find the vds.internal.ip.enabled quota, which allows a user to detach a Public IP (the internal IP will be attached instead) from a VPS. So, double-click on the corresponding field and enable quota by changing the value to 1 (set 0 to disable).
    jca edit user quoutas

Click Update to save the new value.

  1. Now, this user can detach external IPs from the existing virtual private servers and create new ones with just internal address.
    vps without public ip

As such VPS cannot be accessed via Public IP, consider connecting via SSH Gate or use the inbuilt Web SSH client.

What’s next?