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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery is a huge market for a very good reason… but is it built into your cloud service? Can you help customers recover from ransomware attacks? Are you missing an opportunity by not delivering the DR part of your customers’ cyber-security needs?

The alternative cloud market is growing, FAST. It’s driven by MSPs and CSPs who can offer a faster, more cost-effective, easier-to-use cloud alternative, and Disaster Recovery and cyber-security play a key role too.

Learn how to sell cloud with Disaster Recovery as a Service – and hear from Joe’s Datacenter about the way they use Virtuozzo and Acronis to help customers migrate to cloud, with peace of mind built in.

You’ll hear from:

Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan

Joe has grown his business from a traditional hosting provider, to an MSP, to a full-service cloud provider that combines disaster recovery and cloud using Virtuozzo and Acronis. Real-world experience, learning and success, right here.
David Klauser

David Klauser

David works with CSPs and MSPs across the world to help them evolve, grow and transform their services and revenues with cloud, DRaaS and XaaS.





Alternative Cloud + DR for MSPs


Cloud + DRaaS in action – Joe’s Datacenter


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