All-inclusive Turnkey PaaS and IaaS on Top of IBM PureSystems

| News | February 27, 2015

This week Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO and Co-founder attended IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas.  He also presented a session on February 26 covering private cloud solutions on top of IBM PureSystems.

Presentation: Jelastic Private Cloud-in-the-Box. All-inclusive Turnkey PaaS and IaaS on Top of IBM PureSystems

Download (PDF, 2.28MB)
Download it at Slideshare
Jelastic's Container-Based Cloud Platform has been certified for IBM PureSystems and has been packaged as a PureApplication Pattern for automatic platform deployment.
Jelastic provides the only all-inclusive private cloud solution that integrates PaaS and IaaS, and is specifically built for enterprises. Easily configured and managed, Jelastic provides a turnkey private cloud that works for innovative and legacy applications. Jelastic private or hybrid enterprise cloud drives down TCO and increases agility, provides developers with an enterprise-class private PaaS that enables rapid application development and deployment, without coding to proprietary APIs.
Ruslan met with many IBMers and had very positive meetings. He also met up with Brazilian JavaMan and Jelastic Adviser Bruno Souza, who has agreed to be a Jelastic Evangelist - because he really likes our solution and wants to share Jelastic and endorse it, worldwide.

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