Containers Configuration Guide for Complex Java Applications

| Containers | December 1, 2016

The sacred dream of every developer is to reduce projects time-to-market by automating DevOps processes and significantly lower the cost of new technologies implementation. To help Java developers conquer the wave of containers technology, we gathered several useful tutorials and stats within one Guide:

  • Migration from VM to Containers
  • Automated Traffic Distribution for Blue-Green Deployment, Zero Downtime Updates and Failover Protection
  • Java and Memory Limits in Containers: LXC, Docker and OpenVZ
  • Containers Live Migration: Behind the Scenes
  • Java Tools and Technologies Landscape Report 2016
  • Profile of Successful Java Developer in 2016
  • Java Elastic Cloud Platform

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Migration from VM to Containers

As the demand in PaaS and DevOps solution is growing, there are still several adoption barriers for the owners of legacy applications hosted inside VMs. The complexity of decomposition and migration processes is very high, and application owners need to put a great deal of effort just to benefit from modern PaaS and CaaS solutions. Find what exactly motivates developers for migration to containers and how they perform this step.Containers vs VMs

Automated Traffic Distribution

Re-deployment causes application failures? To make your apps accessible to customers at any time, learn how to implement an advanced traffic routing right in the cloud. Performing “invisible” updates has never been such an easy thing for those application developers who want to remain demanded, attract new users and provide highly-available up-to-date projects.traffic distributor

Java and Memory Limits in Containers: LXC, Docker and OpenVZ

Are you a Java developer who is running the application inside Docker container? Then you might have experienced some negative issues with OutOfMemoryError due to incorrect JVM heap behavior in a container. The importance of real memory limits visibility and  solution of the mentioned problem are described in this article.

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Containers Live Migration: Behind the Scenes

The need to have more freedom in application lifecycle management leads developers and operations to new technologies like Live Migration. Within this part of our Java Guide we will unveil what is live migration of containers, how it works, and what issues regarding projects development, management and automation it can fix:

  • Gain hardware maintenance without downtime
  • Automate load rebalance
  • Get high availability within hardware zones and data centers
  • Change your cloud vendor without a pain

Java Tools and Technologies Landscape Report 2016

Here you will get a comprehensive report, focused on analyzing the data about most popular tools and technologies for Java projects. Java 7 or Java 8, Tomcat or Jetty, OracleDB or MySQL, Docker or AWS - discover what Java versions, application servers, databases and virtualization tools are top demanded among developers.Containers stats

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