How to deploy & scale jforum to Jelastic cloud (updated)

| News | December 1, 2011

This is a step-by-step instruction on deploying jforum into Jelastic cloud so you can use it as a powerful and robust discussion board system hosted for in cloud. Jelastic can natively run any Java application with no code changes required so the procedure below is applicable to most Java applications.

Scroll down if you to see a video version of the procedure.

Create the environment

1. Go to and sign up if you haven't done it yet or log in with your Jelastic credentials by clicking the Sign In link on the page.
2. Ask Jelastic to create a new environment.
3. In the Environment topology dialog which opens, specify the resource limits (e.g. 16 cloudlets), pick Tomcat 6 as your application server and PostgreSQL as the database you want to use, type your environment name, for example, jforum and click Create.

In a minute the environment with both Tomcat and PostgreSQL will be created.

Upload Java package

1. Navigate to jforum web site and download the latest jforum distribution.
2. Extract files from zip package you have just downloaded and create WAR file from jforum-x.x.x folder contents.
3. Upload your Java package to the Deployment manager.
4. Once the package is in Jelastic, deploy it to the environment you have just created.

Configure database

1. Switch back to Jelastic dashboard and click Open in browser button for PostgreSQL.
2. When you created the environment, Jelastic sent you an email with credentials to the database. Use these credentials to create a new role with all privileges.

3. Then create the database with the application.

4. Switch back to the Jelastic dashboard and click Config button for Tomcat.
5. Upload PostgreSQL connector to the lib folder and restart Tomcat.

Install jforum

1. Open your app in a web browser and navigate to jforum setup wizard (http://{your_environment_name}.{hoster’s_domain}/
{context_name_where_jforum_is_deployed}/install.jsp). Specify the type of your database, URL to this database and type credentials you have just provisioned. Create a password for
jforum administrator account and click Next Step.

2. Check if the information is correct and, if is everthing ok, click in the button Begin install. Otherwise, you can click on Modify Configuration to back to the previous page and change some options.

Verify scalability

1. Click the Statistics button for Tomcat.

2. As more users access the forum, application server consume more memory and processing resources.Jelastic automatically scales the application server in real time providing additional cloudlets which actually mean more virtual memory.

3. After a while the number of user sessions decreases, jforum starts to free up recourses, and Jelastic recycles the resources back. The application scales down automatically saving your hosting costs.

And here is a video version of the same procedure: