Jelastic Automates High Availability for Java Cloud Hosting with Single Mouse Click

| News | December 13, 2011

New feature makes it easier than ever to scale and maintain performance and uptime when working on the Jelastic PaaS

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Jelastic, creators of a platform-as-a-service infrastructure environment for Java application development, today announced an innovative new feature for ensuring automated high availability of Java applications.

Developer simply clicks on the "High Availability" button in environment configuration to active the capabilities. Jelastic then clusters each application server with another application server running on a separate virtual machine and replicates sessions between them. It also automatically performs all the required configuration on the load balancer including enabling cookie-based / sticky sessions. This ensures the resiliency that underpins high availability infrastructure. If one application server fails or is taken down for maintenance or application upgrade, the alternate machine keeps running off the stored sessions it was sharing within the cluster.

These capabilities are complimented nicely by automated vertical scalability within Jelastic that can add the memory and processing resources to machine when they need it. With this kind of architecture, server failure does not result in service deterioration. Its cluster companion not only gets the sessions that the failed machine used to serve, but also the CPU and RAM required to serve them. The process is seamless, instant, does not require manual intervention, and end-users do not even notice what has happened.

Automation of cloud hosting delivers much more than uptime and infrastructure performance. It frees up time for developers to focus on application development and mitigates human error.

"Jelastic has brought the beauty of Platform-as-a-Service to the hosting industry and became the industry's first Java platform-as-a-service providing full application compatibility and developer control," stated Ruslan Synytsky, founder and CEO of Jelastic. "Running on Jelastic is the only choice for Java developers who want to get started in minutes and avoid lock-in. Successful developers spend their time writing code and building cutting-edge technology. They do not spend all day managing and configuring servers and worrying about infrastructure issues. Jelastic's technology makes all of this possible and it is as easy as pointing and clicking."

Java is the programming language of choice used by nine million Java developers worldwide. Jelastic runs any Java application in the cloud without code changes and without writing for specific APIs (application programming interfaces). Application developers can choose which stack components they want and need, including various application servers (Tomcat, GlassFish and Jetty), databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB), nginx load balancer, Maven build system, and their application will run and can scale easily on the Jelastic platform.

In tests since mid-year, Jelastic has received positive feedback ( from among thousands of registered developers and applications deployed. In addition to the newly added High Availability, session replication and sticky sessions, Jelastic has multiple features that make development easier such as cloud build system and integration with Git and SVN, Maven and Ant plug-ins, ability to swap test and production environments, clone environments, roll back changes, and much more.

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