Jelastic Makes the Java Future in the Cloud. Any Doubts?

| News | November 5, 2015

Last week Jelastic visited sunny California to join a numerous Java community at Java One 2015 in San Francisco. Java geeks, outstanding projects, technical talks, intensive networking and relaxing afterparties - what can be better? We are happy to share our impressions from this event with you.


This year we exhibited at JavaOne together with our technical partner Odin whose Virtuozzo containers keep being an integral part of Jelastic Cloud already for five years.

Jelastic space booth attracted lots of visitors who showed high interest in our product. Among them there were our current customers, as well as those who consider using Jelastic in the near future. Many Java developers were impressed by the features implemented within the platform. This proves that Jelastic makes the Java future in the cloud.

Meeting with James Gosling

One of the astonishing moments during the event was the meeting with James Gosling. We gathered a great company of Java fans and spent cool time discussing the current state of things in Java as well as its future (and just making jokes and talks about parties:)

As promised, at this meeting there was invited one of Jelastic customers - Wolf Nkole Helzle - who hosts his Java project myMatrix on dogado (more details will be provided in the upcoming post with Wolf’s interview).

For sure this cool private talk couldn’t be held without our advisor and a good friend Bruno Souza, Java gurus Edson Yanaga and Otávio Gonçalves de Santana, JUG leaders Fabio Velloso, Paul Webber and Andrii Rodionov.

Keynotes, Sessions, Networking...

The first pleasant moment at JavaOne was to see the mention of our customer (myMatrix) at the opening keynote. And the result of the project, that was held during the event, was shown at the final keynote - a masterpiece created with thousands of attendees’ photos. Good job, Wolf, your project deserves this attention 🙂

After visiting "Coffee Potpourri: A Mixture of Everything Java" with Bruno Souza, there are no doubts how real meetup for tech guys should be built - interactive, informative and interesting, as always with Bruno!

To mention all the sessions and talks that were held during the event, we’ll need a separate article, so let’s make this shorter and just enjoy some photos below 🙂

Java Anniversary Celebration

Of course, no one forgot that Java has an anniversary this year. And JavaOne in San Francisco did everything to make this date memorable. Even prepared a birthday cake! 🙂
And yes, Elton John really rocked the party!

What is next?

Java 40 for sure!


And Jealstic see you next time at Java Day in Kiev (November 6-7) where James Gosling, Bruno Souza and Ruslan Synytsky will present their sessions. Don’t miss!