Jelastic Cloud PaaS Announces Native Support for Java EE 8 and Java SE 9

| Java, News | October 5, 2017

To stay in tune with the latest Java technology updates, we are gladly announcing live support for the just-released Java EE 8 and Java SE 9 implementations.

“Jelastic is a Java-native cloud platform committed to helping developers focus on their core competencies by reducing the amount of system administration work. Since our founding, we’ve been open to the needs of the Java community and do everything to be in tune with the latest technology updates by making new implementations instantly available within our platform,” says Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO and co-founder.

Jelastic customers can now easily install managed Docker containers with GlassFish 5 and Payara 5 to benefit from Java EE 8 latest improvements. New capabilities include Servlet 4.0 API with HTTP/2 support, enhanced JSON support including a new JSON binding API, a new REST Reactive Client API, asynchronous CDI Events, a new portable Security API, Server-Sent Events support (Client & Server-side) and many others.

“Jelastic is providing Java EE 8 inside containers! That’s very exciting because it allows developers to experiment with new features of the latest Java EE version in an easy, secure and robust way for testing and scalable production environments. I’m sure developers, from novice to experts, will really enjoy these possibilities,” commented Bruno Souza, Java evangelist and founder of SouJava.

Using Jelastic PaaS, developers can easily create and manage standalone or clustered GlassFish 5 and Payara 5 containers with built-in tools for easy deployment, automatic scaling, load balancing, traffic distribution and monitoring of the servers.

“The Payara team are really excited about this announcement. With Jelastic support for GlassFish 5 and Payara Server 5 Alpha, developers can start building new applications using the exciting new features of JavaEE 8 now, knowing they can deploy them on a robust production platform from Jelastic.” - shares his thoughts Steve Millidge, Founder and Director of Payara.

paas cloud platform supports java ee 8, java se 9, glassfish 5, payara 5JDK 9 is also available within the Jelastic platform for use with Tomcat (and other application servers in the near future). This production-ready implementation of the Java SE 9 Platform Specification has been recently approved in the Java Community Process (JCP) and provides a set of new updates; among them are:

  • all-new modular system that lets run JVM with only those modules and APIs which are required by the application
  • modern memory shrinking G1 garbage collector is enabled by default
  • full support for HTTP 2.0 and a new HTTP client for Java that replaced HttpURLConnection
  • the process API has been improved for controlling and managing operating-system
  • availability of JShell, an interactive Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL)

“Although it has repositioned itself to be more technology-agnostic these days, the roots of Jelastic are in Java. This deep commitment to the Java and Java EE communities is self evident in the fact that Jelastic is the first PaaS to offer support for both Java EE 8 and Java SE 9. In my mind there has never been any doubt that Jelastic should be one of the first destinations for Java developers on the Cloud,” says Reza Rahman, Senior Java Technologist at CapTech Ventures, Inc. and the chief Java EE Guardian.

GlassFish 5 and Payara 5 on Java EE 8, as well as Tomcat 9 on JDK 9 can be automatically installed within minutes and tried for free at the platform. Follow the link to start installation