JUG Tour Around Brazil – Summary

| News | July 16, 2015

Last month, Ruslan Synytsky, Bruno Souza, Edson Yanaga, Bruno Borges, Steven Chin, Alessandro Jannuzzi, Otávio Santana and Cassio Scozzafave visited as many JUGs as they could over the course of 3 weeks as part of the Java20 tour which celebrated 20 years of Java.

Enjoy the entertaining video from our JUG tour:

It was especially apparent that the Java community in Brazil is very active, passionate and filled with incredibly talented programmers working on a variety of revolutionary projects.image01-1024x912
Interestingly, the Docker® container wave just began to reach Brazil, and thanks to the crew who were part of the JUG tour, they were able to share valuable insights into this technology and kickstart a sound understanding of what’s coming and how to adapt.
Traveling with Bruno Souza (aka the JavaMan) is like being on the road with a big-hearted rockstar. He is so popular, highly regarded and famous when it comes to anything Java related. We were lucky enough to enjoy his hospitality in his home where he barbecued for us - and some monkeys.

With Gerrit Grunwald, David Delabassee, Liaw Mike, Yolande Poirier, Heather VanCura, Sharat Chander, Stephen Chin, Simon Ritter, Bruno Borges, Bruno Souza, Nichole Scott, Jim Weaver, Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro, Julie Weave and Kelly Weaver..

Speaking of food, here are some snaps of our culinary adventures.

And some photos from our travel by car and plane.

Juggy also joined us and Javali was charming the crowds with his vivacious personality.

Along the way, we met an incredible young man named Pedro Carrijo.

Pedro is 14, from Santa Barbara and he’s in the ninth grade. He plays 3 instruments, keyboards, electric guitar and violin. And he wants to be a programmer.

Since he was very young, he suffered from food allergies. After some testing, Pedro was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis.

He started treatment for this at age 7. Some time ago, Pedro underwent a liver transplant. His father was the donor.  He spent all day laying down, because he could not do any physical activity. He started using a computer while still in hospital.

At first, he just played games but then he decided that he wanted to create games, so he started researching how to make them.

He began with tools that required no programming. He realized that he could do more with programming, so he started to study it.

In the beginning it was difficult, but as he got the hang of it, it became easier.

Pedro learned Java, he then developed for Android and Raspberry PI, and also learned PHP, CSS and HTML more recently.

After meeting with Pedro and being so inspired by his story and raw talent, Jelastic proudly paid for his expenses so that he could visit JavaOne Latin America and Oracle jumped on board and contributed too.

June 11 - Summa Technologies with Bruno Souza

Our visit began with a meeting at Summa Technologies who have been providing high-impact IT consulting services and custom software development since 2000. After nearly two decades of growth, one constant has been their set of core values: client focus, high integrity, teamwork, professional development and collaboration.

At Summa, Ruslan gave a talk about containers. Summa uses Jelastic for internal software, and also on some customers. It was really helpful for them to learn about Private cloud and that will be useful for several customers in the near future.

June 12 - Azure Meeting

Alessandro Jannuzzi from Microsoft joined three of the JUG events and we learned that Azure is motivated to help and support the Java community. They have essentially changed direction and it’s a new Microsoft - with many new members from the Open Source community. Microsoft are ready and willing to cooperate and collaborate with the Java community and cloud hosting ecosystem.

June 13 - SouJava+Locaweb São Paulo

Our hosting partner in Brazil Locaweb held an event with SouJava and we were able to help them to gain more visibility amongst local developers.

São Carlos - UFSCar University

Every event began with a meeting with developers, then Ruslan spoke about containers technology, Edson discussed Java 8 and Bruno shared his thoughts on the future of Java developers.

June 14  - JavaNoroeste - São José do Rio Preto

And at the end of each event, everyone ate pizza.

June 15  - SouJava Campinas - São Carlos

June 16 - JUG Vale - São José dos Campos

The event started with a chat between all participants (40+) as they awaited the arrival of Bruno (SouJava), Ruslan (Jelastic) and Cassio (Locaweb).

Arriving first, Bruno adjusted the translation because the first talk was by Ruslan and Bruno was willing to do the translation in real time. Then, Ruslan spoke of DevOps, cloud computing and containers. At the end, the participants who asked something about Jelastic won a limited edition T-shirt.

Afterwards, the group were treated to pizzas and then Ruslan demonstrated Jelastic.

Next, Bruno Souza gave a spectacular presentation telling the story of Java and talking about the future of this programming platform. Like every lecture by Bruno, this presentation did not fail to be spectacular and motivating.

June 17 - Natal

June 18 - ALJUG - Maceio, Alagoas

June 20 - DFJUG - Brasilia

June 23 - Websolute

Ruslan also visited our hosting partner Websolute while he was in Brazil and met up with the team.

JavaOne Latin America - June 23 - 25

Ruslan presented a session about DevOps with containers for Java which was well polished during his many speaking sessions at JUGs and with the help of Bruno Souza.

Ruslan was also invited to speak at the keynote about how Java changed the life of Pedro Carrijo

Bruno and Edson caught up with Steven Chin from NightHacking to talk about DevOps and Java.

After JavaOne, it was time for Ruslan to leave Brazil for Vienna to attend CTBTO, so the team at Oracle took over the second part of the tour.

Brazil is an amazing place, filled with friendly and delightful people, incredible food, gorgeous weather and some of the most talented programmers we have ever seen.

Our tour of JUGs in the region was so successful that we want to tour the team to JUGs in Europe. Stay tuned!