Jelastic PaaS is Now Available in China via CloudRaft Service Provider

| Cloud Business, Installer, News | October 20, 2021
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Jelastic multi-cloud Platform-as-a-Service software, a product division of Virtuozzo, is now available in China through the partnership with CloudRaft, a Shanghai-based scientific computing service provider.

The launched PaaS, implemented by CloudRaft in collaboration with Jelastic, is a container-based bioinformatics computing platform. It provides researchers with a one-click deployment of multiple bioinformatics analysis tools including R, Python, bioconda and Galaxy. With the platform, they can build their own private analysis solutions and customise their own bioinformatics workflows in a matter of minutes.

Zixia Liu, CloudRaft CEO says,"CloudRaft is created to serve scientists by allowing them to focus more on research than on computer technology management. Together with Jelastic, we successfully launched our bioinformatic computing platform, which provides reliable and efficient scientific computing services to over 80 hospitals and research institutions in China."

CloudRaft's partnership with Jelastic provides a visual interface for researchers and pre-built bioinformatics turnkey environments for simplified cloud and container management.

Pay-as-you-use billing model helps research institutes reduce their spends. Now they need to pay only for the actually consumed computing resources. This billing model also facilitates use cases like teaching and conferencing that require elastic resource allocation based on the load. During the China R Conference, Yiwei Tang, CloudRaft CTO showcased the implementation of elastic R-Shiny clusters based on the Jelastic platform. The real-time resource adjustment and load balancing ensured the excellent user experience under intense load during the conference.

“We are glad to reach the Chinese cloud market with the Jelastic offering as this PaaS can meet demand of a wide range of companies and help them in terms of scalability, efficiency and ease-of-use. Our partnership with CloudRaft makes it possible to open advanced DevOps platform functionality for the scientific community in China and ensure high-performing cloud hosting services with local availability,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Virtuozzo CTO.

CloudRaft is the first service provider offering Jelastic PaaS in China. The joint forces will help to develop the market of scientific computing in both China and around the world. Feel free to get started with Jelastic PaaS on top of CloudRaft following the link