PHP Creator Joins Jelastic to Bring More Innovations and New Technologies

| News | July 1, 2013

RasmusLast month we announced the big news that Mark Zbikowski joined Jelastic, and today we are proud to share that Rasmus Lerdorf, the PHP scripting language creator, and the author of the first two versions of the PHP language, signed on with us last week as a senior adviser!

Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic co-founder and CEO said, "Rasmus is an iconic figure in our world and we are honored that he is advising us. His contributions to PHP are awe inspiring. Having the PHP creator on board signifies how serious Jelastic is about being the best PaaS in the world. As part of the Jelastic team, we plan to utilize his knowledge and skills and apply them to making Jelastic even better!”

When I asked Rasmus about the collaboration he said, “PHP has always been about making Web development easy and accessible to everyone. Jelastic's approach to PaaS fits nicely with this mission and I am looking forward to helping them build more great products.”

Jelastic is growing fast, and with the help of IT leaders like Rasmus Lerdorf,  Mark Zbikowski, Serguei Beloussov (Parallels founder), Michael “Monty” Widenius (author of the original version of the open-source MySQL), and David Blevins (TomEE project founder) we will continue to create innovative new technology!