Next-Level Elasticity for VMs with Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 4.7

| Product Updates | November 4, 2021

The latest release of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure (VHI) is here, with new cloud features for MSPs and CSPs, performance improvements for Machine Learning and AI workloads, and even more “elastic” scalability.

As always, we build new features based on feedback from our partners and customers. Check out the highlights below, along with links to the full release notes, how to upgrade – or how to get started if you’re new to VHI.

Scale VM Resources in Real Time

With VHI 4.7 you can easily scale up a Virtual Machine – without any downtime - by adding more CPU and RAM. The CPU and RAM hot plug is configured for self-service users per domain.

This non-disruptive, online resizing of virtual machines brings real on-demand scalability and more elasticity to your cloud infrastructure.

PCI Passthrough for ML & AI Performance

Now you can passthrough a range of PCI devices to virtual machines, including physical GPU cards, HBA adapters and the virtual/physical functions of an SR-IOV capable network card.

This functionality is especially important for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects, where high-performance GPUs need to be attached directly to a virtual machine.

Enhanced VM Tools

IPv6 Support

IPv6 addresses can now be assigned to your VMs. IPv6 subnets are available only for physical compute networks. Note that in this release, IPv6 addresses are not yet supported for load balancers and Kubernetes clusters (those features are coming soon!)

Attach ISOs to VMs

By mounting an ISO image to a VM as a virtual CD-ROM, you can now install additional software or our own guest tools, for Linux or Windows operating systems.

Rescue Mode for VMs

Rescue mode is now available for Windows and Linux VMs, from an ISO image or volume. As a part of rescue mode, you can boot any VM from a recovery CD-ROM or a bootable ISO image.

Better Stability, Easier Maintenance

Automatic Cluster Connectivity Checks

VHI 4.7 automatically checks network connectivity between cluster nodes, and alerts you automatically to any network issues preventing connectivity between nodes.

Faster Cluster Updates

We’ve optimized the kernel update process and improved the speed of node reboots – so updates to newer versions are faster.

Kubernetes Enhancements

We have now added full support for Kubernetes versions 1.20 and 1.21 while deploying and upgrading Kubernetes clusters.

Please note!

  • Kubernetes version 1.18 is deprecated
  • Kubernetes version 1.19 will be deprecated in future VHI releases, so please consider upgrading to the latest supported versions (1.20 and 1.21) to keep running your containerized environments in the most up-to-date cluster

We also added the ability to renew Kubernetes cluster CA certificates when they expire. Certificate renewal is currently available in the command-line interface.

Full Release Notes

For all new features, improvements and fixes in VHI 4.7, see our Release Notes documentation.

How to Upgrade

It’s easy to upgrade to Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 4.7:

Go to the SETTINGS > UPDATE section of your admin panel and initiate the upgrade process.

Note: An automated reboot of the nodes will be performed one at a time to complete the upgrade. During the reboot, the storage service and the admin panel may be unavailable on cluster configurations that don’t have redundancy of services or/and data.

New to VHI?

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