Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.3: Kubernetes Auto-Scaling, Storage Performance Boost, OpenStack Xena Upgrade

| IaaS, Product Updates | November 8, 2022

Version 5.3 of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure is now available – the latest release of the leading cloud platform for service providers.

This release includes a range of new features and improvements that ensure Kubernetes scalability; improve storage performance by being able to create multiple chunk servers per NVMe/SSD drive; and enhance security, monitoring and alerts.

Starting from this release, the compute services in Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure have been upgraded to use the Xena version of OpenStack.

Check out the highlights below, along with the links to the full release notes, how to upgrade, and how to get started if you’re new to Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure.

Kubernetes Automatic Scaling and Extended Management

We’ve added support for Kubernetes cluster autoscaling. Autoscaling allows you to automatically scale Kubernetes worker groups up and down, depending on cluster load. More details on the scaling functionality can be found in Kubernetes documentation >>

Also in this release, you can specify labels to manage Kubernetes features. Using labels, you can, for example, disable SELinux for a new Kubernetes cluster.

We have also added integrated monitoring for Kubernetes clusters, so you can check cluster health using our preinstalled Grafana interface, or export cluster metrics to your own monitoring solution using Prometheus. This feature is experimental in this release.

From now on, Kubernetes clusters will be created with a special service user. This means that any project user will be able to manage all Kubernetes clusters and features within the assigned project.

Finally, we made Kubernetes version 1.24 available for installation.

Storage Performance & Security Improvements

  • Storage performance boost
    By configuring multiple chunk servers per NVMe or SSD storage drive, you can significantly improve storage performance and scaling for a high number of clients. The performance increase is only possible when using redundancy by replication. You can learn more in our Storage documentation >>
  • Improved security for backup and object storage
    The backup and object storage services now work under restricted accounts that have access only to service data, configuration files, and logs. This improves security for your cloud environment.

OpenStack Xena Upgrade

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure compute services are now based on the Xena release of OpenStack. This version contains 15,000 patches contributed by 680 developers from 125 organizations.

The Xena release includes support for new hardware features, improved integration of components, and a reduction of technical debt to maintain OpenStack’s stable and reliable core.

Enhanced Monitoring and Control

  • Configurable scheduling of Virtual Machines
    We extended the initial scheduler parameters that are available for configuration, thus enabling more granular control over compute workload distribution. Now, you can choose between at least two distribution modes for virtual machines: to spread them evenly across all compute nodes, or to consolidate them on nodes as much as possible.
  • Grafana dashboards for compute services
    New dashboards show the state of compute services and compute resource allocation, namely vCPUs, RAM, storage policies, and floating IP addresses - for all projects, or filtered per domain/project.
  • Managing locked users
    In the command-line interface, it is now possible to list and manage user accounts that have been locked after several successive failed login attempts.

Full Release Notes

For all new features, improvements and fixes in Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.3, see our Release Notes documentation.

How to Upgrade

It’s easy to upgrade to Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.3:

Go to the SETTINGS > UPDATE section of your admin panel and initiate the upgrade process.

Note: An automated reboot of the nodes will be performed one at a time to complete the upgrade. During the reboot, the storage service and the admin panel may be unavailable on cluster configurations that don’t have redundancy of services or/and data.

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