Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 9 Alpha Release

| Product Updates | February 2, 2022

The Alpha version of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 9 is now available.   

This Alpha release has passed initial quality control but is not yet ready for production – but it is ready for testing, and we'd love to know what you think.  

Check out the highlights below, along with links to the Download Instructions and how to provide feedback – or how to get started if you’re new to VHS. 

New Features

Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 9 Alpha is based on RedHat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta as well as 5.14.x Linux kernels, QEMU 6.0.x, LibVIRT 7.6.x.

  • The following guest operating systems are supported: 
    • For new containers and virtual machines: VzLinux 7 and 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8, CentOS 7, AlmaLinux 8, Debian 10, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and 20.04 LTS 
    • For virtual machines only: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022

If you migrate containers and virtual machines based on older guest operating systems, into this Alpha version, they should continue to work.

  •  XFS is now the default filesystem used in Containers
  • QCOW2 disk images can be used as virtual disks for Containers
  • The dispatcher component is now optional and not installed by default. That means, for example, that ‘prl*’ tools like ‘prlctl’ are not available by default
  • The primary API for managing virtual environments is now libvirt
  • The tools for managing virtual environments are now ‘virsh’ and ‘virt-install’
  • The Parallels SDK as well as the ‘prl*’ tools can be installed for backward compatibility. 

Can I use this Alpha release in production? 

Please don’t! While it isn’t our intention to release broken builds, this release is very early in development, and may contain errors. Any resulting instability could cause crashes or data loss, so you should not deploy this to a production environment. Please try this build in a lab or test environment instead. 

Providing Feedback 

We make early versions like this available for partners that are interested in preliminary prototyping and testing. Your feedback helps us find and fix critical issues, and speeds up product development. Please send feedback on this release to 

Download Instructions 

You can download Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 9 Alpha Release here:  

Once downloaded, install or upgrade from the previous version of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server. 


In order to install this alpha, you will require a license key from Virtuozzo. To get your key, send an email to 


New to Virtuozzo Hybrid Server? 

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