Virtuozzo Hybrid Server Update 7.5.1

| Product Updates | May 5, 2021

Virtuozzo is proud to announce the latest version of our flagship product, Virtuozzo Hybrid Server, Version 7.5.1, is now available. As always, we have prioritized the needs of our customers with the development of the product, this release is no exception.

What’s New in Version 7.5.1:

CentOS 8 containers to VzLinux 8

The CentOS 8 conversion utility delivers a convenient way of converting existing containers running on top of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server from CentOS 8 to VzLinux 8. Administrators are able to continue their Virtual Private Server hosting operations and running applications on fully supported operating system even after end of the year 2021. The conversion application is simple, including pre and post checks and giving additional hints and recommendations prior to the conversion and offer a dry-run conversion. It will allow administrators to automate the process and run it in fully unattended mode for large-scale environments.

Smart Updates

Smart updates build on automatic updates, improving their safety and providing the user with more control. Enabling smart updates means joining Virtuozzo Hybrid Server nodes to a Kubernetes cluster and creating an update manager entity to update the nodes according to set rules. Smart updates are highly available when multiple control plane (master) nodes are deployed.

Docker v20 support inside containers

Latest Docker v20 and newer application containers are now fully- supported inside Virtuozzo Hybrid Server system containers. Nested containers work with almost zero performance loss while keeping application and operating system completely isolated and secured.

Running Docker v20 and newer applications containers can be live migrated, protected by backup and restored.

For more details on these and other new features and to view instructions on how to upgrade, please review the release notes.

Stay tuned for an announcement around a webinar where we will present the product update in detail.

Partners are encouraged to submit any feedback on the release directly to our Product team via our feedback form.

Meanwhile, our team is already hard at work on next version of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server.