Jelastic PaaS Q1 2021 Resulted with Five New Cloud Hosting Partners Publicly Launched

| Cloud Business, Installer, News | April 6, 2021
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Active start of the year with growing distributed network of Jelastic service providers worldwide

Jelastic, multi-cloud PaaS company totaled up the partnership growth results achieved in Q1, 2021. Steadily increasing demand and consistent new customer growth through the first quarter positioning Jelastic network of independent partners for continued expansion this year.

Jelastic just celebrated its 10-year anniversary and is hitting a new stride with a strong first quarter despite turbulent times through 2020. The PaaS is installed across more than 100 data centers in 38 countries around the globe. This approach lets the customers host their data in the needed countries and with the appropriate vendors to meet security and data protection requirements.

Ruslan Synytsky, CEO and co-founder of Jelastic said, “Jelastic team is thrilled to partner with industry-leading service providers to offer a world-class cloud platform to organizations and developers in every region. We help hosting companies to transform the business extending their product lines with modern technologies, as we realize that success totally relies on fast adoption to the evolving requirements of customers and continuously changing conditions on the market.”

In Q1 2021 five more service providers have been launched commercially

In total, this brought 7 new data centers extending the list of Jelastic availability zones. The pace of the platform popularity and growth continue to accelerate.

Matthew Ayres, Togglebox CEO says “Jelastic was built for hosting providers and it provides Togglebox every feature we need to stay competitive and deliver the best technology and flexibility to customers. Our partnership with Jelastic provides next-generation features to our client base and delivers an economical alternative to AWS and Azure to support our ongoing business growth.”

Hosting providers and MSPs are using Jelastic due to the following core reasons:

  • attract new customers by offering more advanced automation tools that can simplify daily life for their end customers as the number of internet applications and websites are constantly growing, and managing old school VPS deployments is not an efficient approach anymore
  • be able to retain existing customers, reduce the churn and prevent users migration to more sophisticated solutions compared to the home made infrastructure management and orchestration systems
  • simplify own DevOps processes reducing the required amount of human efforts and increase ROI while running cloud business with intuitive and flexible cloud management platform

“With the new beebyte PaaS resulting from our partnership with Jelastic, we can now empower users to build services and applications without worrying about server infrastructure. This positions our company as a strong competitor to international and local customers , and helps us continue fast growth and market leadership," said Niclas Alvebratt, CEO of beebyte.

Jelastic enables cloud hosting service providers differentiate among competitors by offering full-featured PaaS, containers hosting, a wide variety of packaged clusters (like Magento, WordPress, Kubernetes, Jakarta EE, replicated SQL and NoSQL databases, etc) and auto-scalable Elastic VPS to their customers. Also, this cloud solution delivers the required tools to manage the platform, support customers, and monitor ROI growth.

“Jelastic PaaS is the most reliable and intuitive platform to create, deploy and manage your applications. You can control all your infrastructures and environments so easily. I’m sure our customers don’t realize yet how many benefits the Jelastic platform has to offer, and how much easier day-to-day development and management is with this innovative PaaS solution.” said Will Dashwood, CTO UKHost4u.

Hosting providers interested in business transformation and margin increase, can request more information on how to make Jelastic PaaS a part of their product line. And the customers can explore the cloud platform functionality at one of the Jelastic hosting service providers.