WordPress Deployment at AWS, Azure or Jelastic. What Cloud to Choose?

| Uncategorized | December 6, 2016

Just recently our hosting partner, DataCenter Finland, performed a very curious investigation on how to deploy WordPress at different cloud platforms. Find out the results and discover the fastest and easiest way of WordPress installation from the article, originally written by Heikki Lavanko:

To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to see how different marketplaces handle WordPress, which is a hugely popular open-source content management software and available from all the cloud providers included in my comparison. I also made a video of my experiment.

The total length of the video is approximately 10 minutes, but you can change the speed in YouTube settings and play it faster if you are not interested in the details.

I timed the video so that the actual website creation process begins at the same time in all three marketplaces. The picture below illustrates the time it took to deploy WordPress on each platform.wordpress-installation-at-jelastic

And now review my analysis of the pros and cons of Jelastic, Azure, and AWS.

Jelastic Marketplace

Jelastic is fast, user-friendly, cost-effective, and customizable. And the same goes for the applications created in the marketplace.

There is a ready-made package for creating a WordPress site, and the application is simple to deploy and fully customizable afterward.

Jelastic Marketplace packages are extremely easy to configure, and installing an application only takes a few clicks. When the site is ready, your application and database server codes pop up on the screen automatically.

Jelastic sets up application and database servers as PaaS instances, which is extremely handy for subsequent customization, such as duplicating the front-end server or enabling automatic scaling.

Jelastic’s server resources are configured according to predetermined parameters, which can be modified later. The cost is based on usage, and a basic template installation costs approximately EUR 20 per month. With Jelastic, you do not pay for the size of the server but for the resources that you actually use.

Microsoft Azure App Services

Microsoft Azure is very popular with Finnish businesses thanks to Microsoft’s efficient marketing.

Like Jelastic, Azure also has its own marketplace, which is called App Services. I had no previous experience of Azure’s off-the-shelf applications, but the user interface was relatively intuitive, although it took quite a few clicks to get WordPress going. The most time-consuming part was preparing the application and the resources, and the deployment itself also took a surprisingly long time. Moreover, the status on the Summary page did not seem to update automatically, so I had to keep clicking on the Refresh button. I also had to set up the site myself after the application had deployed.

The cost of a Basic-level site created with Azure is approximately EUR 45 per month, and the price is based on the size of the server instance selected during the set-up process.

Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Amazon Web Services (AWS) calls its marketplace EC2. The AWS EC2 features a selection of third-party applications, and I chose the first basic package, which was provided by Bitnami.

To install the WordPress package, I had to first reserve a server instance. The size of the server instance determines a fixed price for the site.

The AWS user interface has a huge range of functions, and there was quite a lot of manual configuring to do even though I had chosen a ready-made package.

The installation process took approximately twice as long as with Jelastic. Finding the password for my WordPress site, which was hidden in the application log, also took a while.

Due to the product having been provided by a third-party vendor, the finished site also showed Bitnami’s logo as a banner in the bottom right corner, and I had to google how to disable the banner.


Public cloud marketplaces are useful for exploring different application suites, and you can also use them to sell your own applications.

My experiment shows that applications such as WordPress are quick to deploy and require relatively little technical know-how regardless of which platform you use. However, Jelastic stood out from the competition thanks to its user-friendliness and speed, and the finished product was more customizable compared to the sites I created on the other platforms. To recap, Jelastic is the easiest, fastest, best, and cheapest solution.wordpress-deployment

Thank you Heikki for this comprehensive comparison!

Go ahead and experience the fastest WordPress installation at DataCenter Finland powered by Jelastic!