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3 Easy Steps to High Performance and High Availability with Software-Defined Storage


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Software-defined storage (SDS) has the power to increase availability and performance in your data center while lowering your costs. Our goal is to help you realize these benefits faster than ever before. With the latest update of Virtuozzo Storage leading to as much as 3x faster performance on certain workloads, we are making this more possible.

Virtuozzo Storage is flexible, scales on demand, and is designed to run on the commodity hardware you already own. It’s also easy to install, and our product team has developed a step-by-step video guide to help you do so in 3 simple steps.

1. Install a Management Panel

2. Add a New Node

3. Create a Cluster

Need more info? View our Virtuozzo Storage Quick Start Guide here.

If you want to learn more about the benefits Virtuozzo Storage can help you achieve, our engineers are here to help. Contact us to set up a consultation with one of our experts.