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5 Reasons to Try to the Latest Release of Virtuozzo Today

Business Insights

Just last week, we announced our newest version of the Virtuozzo hyperconverged infrastructure software solution. At Virtuozzo, we’re constantly working to improve and innovate our products with every release. We’re committed to regular quarterly releases that push the boundaries of performance, while always making our products easier to use and manage.

If you didn’t catch last week’s announcement, our latest release brings improved features and capabilities that enable customers to:

  • Deploy and manage containers, VMs and storage from a single solution –
    The Virtuozzo Automator and Viruozzo Storage management panels are now
    available in a single solution for faster installs and easier management.
  • Automate hypervisor security updates with no downtime –
    Virtuozzo installs hypervisor updates without the need to restart the virtual machine.
    Avoid service interruptions to end users, while keeping hypervisors secure
    and saving time on manual updates.
  • Run Microsoft Windows VMs in Virtuozzo deployments –
    Virtuozzo deployments now support virtual machines running Microsoft Windows
    without the need to install additional VirtIO disk drivers inside the VM,
    using newly added Hyper-V paravirt storage device emulation.
  • Enable automated updates of guest tools in VMs –
    Virtuozzo now enables automated updates for guest tools
    to ensure that VMs are properly configured with every new update.

If you haven’t checked out the latest Virtuozzo 7 release lately, now’s the time!

Maybe you're using a previous version of our software, or maybe you’re using our OpenVZ open source version and you’re ready to move to a fully integrated, fully supported hyperconverged solution.

Here are five reasons to try the latest version of Virtuozzo today:

  1. Virtuozzo is a pure software solution that gives you the flexibility to turn on the performance and cost efficiency benefits of a hyperconverged infrastructure today – this can include containers, VMs and storage in any combination.
  2. Virtuozzo works on any x86 hardware platform and can be deployed from private and public clouds. You can turn Virtuozzo on with minimal up front cost, and even deploy it by the hour with our partner Packet.
  3. Virtuozzo gives you the flexibility to start using containers for production workloads, including future cloud native apps, while leveraging VMs where still needed – all with integrated software defined storage used as a single distributed pool with high availability and redundancy.
  4. Virtuozzo provides highly flexible, high performance storage that is significantly faster than CEPH and leverages breakthrough technologies like RAID 6 erasure coding to make huge gains in storage capacity efficiency to reduce costs.
  5. Virtuozzo storage support file, block, object and volume storage for containers, including Docker and Kubernetes.

Need another reason? See how containers and VMs compare on performance,
take a look at this recent Cloud Spectator Report to learn more.

If you’re ready to take Virtuozzo 7 for a test drive, learn more and sign up for a free trial here.