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Case Study: Cloud Services Provider Dogado and REISSWOLF Bring Secure Document Management to SMEs with Virtuozzo

Business Insights


Cloud sevice provider and longtime Virtuozzo customer dogado GmbH is renowned for its highly customizable cloud solutions. One of their largest clients, data protection company REISSWOLF, asked the dogado team for help transforming its popular document management system (DMS) into a SaaS-based solution.

The goal: Attract more small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a DMS product that’s highly secure, easy to use, and easily consumed as a service.

Dogado’s solution had to meet three important requirements:

  1. Uphold REISSWOLF’s strict data security standards.
  2. Be fully automated.
  3. Scale to customers’ data demands.

Knowing it could leverage Virtuozzo’s high performance, highly efficient, secure and scalable virtualization solution featuring containers, dogado easily accepted the challenge. The company tailored a solution that not only meets all three of REISSWOLF’s requirements, but that also packs on important features such as zero downtime, live migration, and 24/7 support.

The new SaaS-based DMS has proved to be a pivotal innovation that’s driving transformation and growth for both businesses: As an example of dogado’s ability to customize cloud services for their clients’ unique needs, and as a profit-driving product that’s speeding REISSWOLF’s time to market – 30% faster than before.

Follow dogado’s story about building a cutting-edge cloud services solution by reading the case study. You’ll learn more about REISSWOLF’s scenario, the innovation applied by dogado via Virtuozzo technology, and the benefits achieved by all.

Download the complete case study.