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Check out our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2016 – Enjoy!



As 2016 quickly draws to a close, articles with lists are popular this time of year – best books, best movies, best gadgets…we can’t resist doing our own.


Here is a look back at our five most popular posts from in 2016. From the latest on Virtuozzo 7 to best practices for containers and VMs, there’s something for everyone:

Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade to Virtuozzo 7
Virtuozzo 7 was released in July of this year – our most cost-effective solution for VPS and cloud hosting. There are numerous technical improvements to the product and this post aims to help customers understand the enhancements and how to create offers on top of it to attract new customers.

Apptio Takes SaaS Platform Performance to New Heights with Virtuozzo Containers and Storage
We’ve done some amazing things together with Apptio including bringing their containers into production and leveraging software defined storage to help fuel Apptio’s rapidly growing SaaS business. We go into the details about the use case, innovation applied and the benefits achieved.

Virtuozzo Helps Hosters Using cPanel
Hosters using cPanel can now have access to Virtuozzo 7 and realize immediate improvements in server utilization – increasing margins – while enabling end users to cost-effectively deliver a world-class web site experience.

Linux Kernel Security Exploit – Fix it Now!
Security risks are a daily concern – this race condition security exploit is reminder of the vulnerability in the market. Virtuozzo has a dedicated security team to actively work to provide fixes for any security exploits that impact our customers.