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Get the Latest on Virtuozzo Products and Our Next Generation Platform

George Karidis, Chief Executive Officer, Virtuozzo

Technology Corner

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At Virtuozzo, we’re committed to constant innovation in our software. We’re dedicated to your success, and we want to make sure you have the latest insight on our current products and know all about the exciting new offers we have planned for the future.

We recently shared a product update with our customers, and now you can view the 15-minute on-demand session here on our company blog. The update includes the latest direction on our core compute and storage offerings, as well as an introduction to our next generation platform due out later this year.

While many of you may know Virtuozzo and what we do, for those that do not, our core focus today is on enabling service providers and businesses to take advantage of hyperconverged infrastructure deployments to launch new applications and services. Our solutions are designed to drive performance up to new heights, while taking TCO down to the lowest possible levels.

To do this, we believe that IT infrastructure and applications are best delivered ‘as a service’ – enabling you to optimize performance and cost, while delivering applications that are always on, and always available. We started on this path several years ago by creating container technology that helped to create the Virtual Private Server market and the monetization of infrastructure services, and we added virtual machines and, more recently, software-defined storage to deliver a single, software-based stack for hyperconvergence.

As you’ll see, we’re continuing to innovate with our next generation platform by bringing a powerful management layer to help you utilize your infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively, with better management, while enabling the delivery of new services to grow your business in the future.

The BETA program for our next generation platform is already underway. We’re working side-by-side with customers on trial deployments, and we’re getting first-hand input on what’s needed to deliver next generation apps and services. We’re also actively engaged in enabling new use cases. Here’s what you’re telling us you need:

  1. A single platform for all services
  2. Ability to quickly launch next generation solutions and services, including Virtual Data Centers and Software-Defined Networking
  3. Cloud management and centralized management capabilities

We’ll be launching our next generation platform later this year. If you’re interested in learning more or want to participate in the BETA program, you can email us at to get more details.