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Getting Started with Encrypted Containers™

Technology Corner

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At Virtuozzo, we never stop innovating. Today, we’re helping service providers, hosters, SaaS ISVs, and even internal IT departments tackle one of the biggest obstacles in deploying containers in production: data security!


In this blog, we focus on container disk encryption which enables you to protect data used by containers. We’ll elaborate on why we built it, and how you can start using it today!

Reasons to encrypt data used by containers

Data protection and security are common requests from our customers, or from prospects that want to run containers in their datacenters, but need to do it securely. For service providers, hosters, and SaaS ISVs (and their end customers, which include businesses and even larger enterprises), the safety of company data is top of mind. While they trust their providers, many businesses are worried about the long-term safety of their data when it comes to using containers.

For example, if a datacenter is attacked and compromised, the hackers could get access to sensitive company data in order to mine it for something of value. Or, the storage hardware used by the provider could end up in the wrong hands after decommissioning it – if the data was not wiped completely, it could be recovered. Perhaps even a software user error could accidentally grant data access to the wrong person.

As history shows, these are all valid concerns. For example, some may remember this article from Wired. When a provider was re-provisioning virtual machines for new users based on previously used images, there was data left behind by previous customers. While it was clearly unintentional, it teaches us that extra security measures are necessary, especially for businesses that are security-minded and absolutely need to protect the confidentiality of data.

In addition to leveraging disk encryption technology to meet customer demand or help with data security compliance, encrypted containers enable service providers to deliver value-added services, including:

  • Enhanced security of data – put containers in production
  • Protection against unauthorized user access
  • Better backup protection
  • Virtual drive disposal and physical hardware disposal

Using encryption in Virtuozzo containers is easy, and available out-of-the-box at no extra charge for users of Virtuozzo 7. You will need to set up a KMS (Key Management System) or use an existing one, and integrate it with Virtuozzo servers.

To learn more about Virtuozzo’s encrypted containers and to get started today, click here.