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Improving Application Mobility via Kubernetes as a Service with Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform

Alex Fine, Chief Energy Officer


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News came out last week about Mirantis acquiring Docker’s Enterprise Platform business to help it get closer to achieving its goal of delivering Kubernetes-as-a-Service with a consistent experience for developers on any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. It is the latest example of the importance enterprises are putting on having the right container orchestration service in place as they continue pushing for better mobility of their applications to and from the cloud.

It is especially exciting news for us at Virtuozzo because it validates the decisions we have made over the past couple of years to innovate more in the hyperconverged infrastructure space to help managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises with their cloud transformation objectives, while continuing our dedication to enabling the global hosting community with best-in-class VPS technology.

Over the past several months, Virtuozzo has spent significant resources to make Kubernetes-as-a-Service available with our hyperconverged Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform as an enterprise-ready solution that also includes pre-integrated persistent storage and load balancing. It is one of the most recent developments in our efforts to continue delivering innovative, industry-leading technology that helps not only enterprise IT organizations looking to increase agility and lower cost of ownership of their on-premises infrastructure, but also service providers wanting to offer more value to customers via managed private cloud offerings.

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