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Innovation Milestone: Virtuozzo Has Obtained It’s 101st United States Patent


VirtuozzoUS Patents

Virtuozzo takes innovation seriously, notably as the first company to monetize the use of system containers nearly 20 years ago. As a pioneer in the virtualization industry, creative thinking is engrained in our culture, it is part of what makes “Team Virtuozzo” unique and a pillar of our success. Virtuozzo’s commitment to our long-standing patent program highlights this innovation, and we’re happy to report a key milestone, the approval of our 101st U.S. Patent.

Virtuozzo has worked to secure patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office since our inception. This summer, Virtuozzo celebrated a noteworthy milestone, surpassing the 100th U.S. patent mark. Virtuozzo’s 101st patent (№ 10,681,008) was approved in June, 2020 and involves “Use of checkpoint restore in user space for network socket management.”

Each patent obtained represents months of hard work and dedication to advancement. It also provides an exceptional opportunity to discover solutions to complex issues that arise throughout the development process.

Anna Severinko, Virtuozzo Director of Software Development and Engineering explains: “Virtuozzo understands the importance of continuous development and improvement of our technologies, of bringing new ideas to our products and to inventing new features, which can help our customers or improve the performance, stability, and security of our products. When problems inevitably occur during the development process, we think of them as new opportunities to create inventions or even to make a breakthrough”.

Virtuozzo’s first patent was filed in 2001, and now, nearly 20 years later, 101 approved patents have been approved, and 27 are pending approval. All of the applications are closely connected to our core technologies, such as containers, virtual machines, and storage. Virtuozzo patents are cited more than 1,000 times by corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, Amazon, and various universities.

To view the details on Virtuozzo 101st patent, visit the USPTO website.