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myLoc Managed IT AG Launches Private Cloud Solutions on Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform


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myLoc Managed IT AG, one of our long-time partners, has launched new private cloud solutions leveraging our hyperconverged infrastructure solution, Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform. These new hosted solutions – VIP Starter, VIP Midsize, and VIP Premium – are easy to install out-of-the-box and provide myLoc Managed IT AG’s customers with the flexibility of a public cloud in a secure, convenient, and easy-to-manage private cloud environment.

A special feature of these private cloud offerings is the use of "hot and cold” nodes. These can be adjusted within the management structure to provide business-critical data with a fast retrieval need on a "hot node" and distribute less critical data on "cold nodes". This enables flexibility and minimizes delivery delays.

Virtuozzo was excited to attend myLoc Managed IT AG’s 20th anniversary celebration that took place at their headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany this week, where the availability of these new private cloud solutions was announced. Our partnership with myLoc is a great example of how our partners are utilizing Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform to launch new cloud-based solutions.

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