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Need the Latest Virtuozzo Product Updates? It’s Easy!

Technology Corner


In yesterday’s blog post, we talked about the latest features of the Virtuozzo platform. Today, you can find information on how to stay up-to-date on all the latest release info--automatically.

As we all know, planning product updates and security patch installations requires notification about updates at the right time, and for many administrators a regular email is still the best way to get the alert.

Recognizing this need, Virtuozzo offers an easy way to opt-in to automatically receive these Security Advisory and Product Update notifications. If you’re not already receiving these update emails, you can opt-in via our Email Preference Center. You’ll also have the option to sign-up for Virtuozzo News and Updates, which includes blogs, industry info and whitepapers. Just select your preference and click Save Preferences.

All Security Advisory and Product Update notifications provide the affected product version, the type of update (security related or not), the threat severity for security updates, and the recommendation on the urgency for the update so you can plan accordingly. Brief instructions about applying the updates are also available, as well as external references (such as security advisory details, or links to the original bugs from vendors of open source components we rely on).

So, if you manage Virtuozzo updates and security patches, and want to be sure you have the latest updates and info, be sure to update your email preferences today!