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OCS Distribution and Virtuozzo Partner to Provide Virtualization Solutions to SMBs


OCS DistributionVirtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure

OCS Distribution Company, one of the oldest and most experienced distributors in Russia, and Virtuozzo, a global provider of hyper-converged infrastructure and virtualization solutions, have announced a strategic partnership.

As part of the partnership, OCS will now offer Virtuozzo’s Hybrid Infrastructure solution.

This powerful platform of next-generation hyperconverged infrastructure combines data center components such as computing power, network orchestration, and data storage with all the management and monitoring components from a single console in the context of an integrated, flexible, and fully software-defined solution.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure covers all the typical use cases allowing customers to build their own public and private clouds while also consuming storage as a service (StaaS), cluster deployment (Kubernetes), load balancers.

The platform easily creates new virtual data centers and increases existing data center’s flexibility and performance, reducing the total cost of infrastructure ownership.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure consolidates resources, runs virtual machines, combines disks into clustered storage, and guarantees data and service recovery in the case of a single server or a complete data center failure.

Therefore, using Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure enables clients’ peace of mind in the event of failures in either the physical or virtual infrastructure.

"Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure provides self-service and resource management capabilities to end customers and focuses on service providers and corporate customers,”  said Alex Fine, Virtuozzo CEO. "The integrated distributed data storage system helps to ensure high performance and fault tolerance of any services and user data and, together with extensive functionality and support from various hardware manufacturers, it allows quick time to market from implementation and flexibly to configure your solution for the necessary scenarios. Considering our almost 20 years of experience in this field, it makes Virtuozzo a serious player in the hyper-converged solutions market."

"OCS Distribution sees the value Virtuozzo offers and is focused on expanding its product portfolio with reliable and efficient software solutions that are trusted by users all over the world. Virtuozzo software products will enable OCS Distribution to offer their partners competitive hyper-converged solutions in the corporate sector and small and medium-sized businesses in Russia. This is a traditionally high valued solution with a predictable low cost of ownership and ease of management," remarks Evgeny Salikhov, Vice President, OCS Distribution.

A team of experts in information security and software infrastructure supports the solution and is ready to provide partners with qualified consultants related to deployment and innovation capabilities.