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The Value of Commercial Software – Why Virtuozzo


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Virtuozzo has a long history in the open source community. We sponsor and contribute to several open source projects, including OpenVZ, which is the core of the Virtuozzo platform. Our commitment to continuing our contribution is strong, as we believe in the value of open source projects in fueling software development. For nearly 20 years, our goal has been to supply our customers with the most efficient and stable solution for their technical and business needs.

We’ve been talking a lot lately with service providers who like the flexibility of OpenVZ but need more efficiency to support their growing business. Many features that were originally benefits of open source have become barriers to growth for them. Rising customization costs, downtime due to software updates, and the lack of professional support or value added services are some of the challenges they face.

Leveraging Virtuozzo to drive growth

Host1Plus is a great example. It used OpenVZ for several years as demand for its cloud-based virtualization offerings grew. The demand was great for business, but Host1Plus increasingly struggled to customize OpenVZ enough to support it as resources needed to maintain the offerings were pulled away from the engineering team. By moving to Virtuozzo, Host1Plus was able to refocus its engineering experts on the company’s core business as it gained support, tools, and added features to sustain growth. The migration to Virtuozzo enabled Host1Plus to consolidate its infrastructure by 50%, providing efficiencies and cost savings that it continues to capitalize on today. Read the case study here.

Everything you like about OpenVZ, with added efficiency and cost savings for your business

The Host1Plus story is a great illustration of how Virtuozzo provides the benefits of open source software with the added value of commercial software, allowing you to provide a higher level of service to customers while lowering your costs. Key benefits include:

Global 24x7 Support: Our experienced Support experts understand that every single transaction matters to your business. We know you can’t afford to have your customers wait on you, and that you can’t afford to wait on us, so our Support team is available around the clock.

High Performance: Virtuozzo’s software-defined storage shares the same kernel as its compute component to ensure efficiency and redundancy. You can have multi-machine storage clusters using your existing hard drives and there is no need to copy data during live migration.

High Availability: If one of your nodes fails for any reason, all running containers and VMs are automatically restarted and distributed among the cluster. This enables you to focus less on maintenance and more on other important activities, knowing that your business is always on.

You can give the Virtuozzo platform a try for free. Or if you would like to connect with one of our experts for a demo or to discuss how Virtuozzo can help with your specific business needs, contact us anytime.