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Virtuozzo announces new storage pricing

Technology Corner


Want to hear our 2¢ on new storage pricing? Virtuozzo, the industry pioneer in containers, virtualization and storage technologies, today announced aggressive new pricing for its industry-leading software defined storage (SDS) solution, Virtuozzo Storage.

With Virtuozzo Storage, first launched in late 2012, service providers and other organizations with IT infrastructure can turn unused disk space on their servers into a single, highly available pool of cloud storage. Service providers typically deploy 1 to 2 terabytes of hard drive storage on each server node, but an average of 63% of this disk space goes unused and can’t be shared across other nodes. Virtuozzo Storage’s SDS solution virtually connects the hard drives spread across these multiple server nodes into a single storage cluster sharable across all nodes. This recaptured storage capacity, often dozens to hundreds of terabytes, can then be used to supplement new or existing services—all without any additional capital expenditures.

“By helping to recapture and repurpose pre-existing yet unused storage capacity, Virtuozzo Storage lets service providers use their IT infrastructure more efficiently and more profitably,” said Virtuozzo CEO Rob Lovell.

Virtuozzo’s new pricing model, which commences today, is aggressive:

  • 0 – 500TB: $.03/GB/mo
  • 500 – 1000TB: $.02/GB/mo
  • >1000TB: $.01/GB/mo

Storage pricing follows a tiered, “waterfall” model. In other words, the first 500TB of data is charged at $.03/GB, any additional data over that is billed at $.02/GB, and any data over 1 PB will be billed at $.01/GB.

Virtuozzo Storage is not only dramatically cost-effective, but it also offers the highest levels of performance and reliability. Virtuozzo Storage clusters are highly available and become faster and more reliable as the infrastructure grows. With unparalleled uptime and “better than SAN” performance at a fraction of the cost, Virtuozzo Storage is the ideal solution for service providers, ISVs, and enterprises—it saves hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year in both hardware and avoided outage costs.

To inaugurate its new pricing, Virtuozzo has launched a promotion. From April 1 through September 30, the first and second tiers of pricing will be merged—all data under 1 petabyte (1000TB) will be only $0.02/GB/month, and then only a penny/GB for anything more.