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Virtuozzo Delivers Storage for Containers and HCI Deployments

Technology Corner

Did you know that Virtuozzo Storage—our software-defined storage solution—is now more powerful, more efficient, and more cost-effective than ever? Our most recent release of Virtuozzo Storage delivers expanded support for containers, along with a new user interface that makes it easy to manage storage for all workloads and data types. It also brings huge opportunities to bring your storage costs down!

Virtuozzo Storage comes at a critical time for businesses that are transitioning to containers and need persistent storage, or are on a path to deploying hyperconverged infrastructure solutions that take advantage of highly cost-effective, high performance storage.

The shift to software-defined storage is on!

Virtuozzo Storage is massively scalable, with the ability to store petabytes of data. It’s powerful, too—with faster performance than Ceph and other competitors – get the comparison report here. And you can significantly bring your TCO for storage down with breakthrough erasure coding technology.

Some other cool features include:

  • Object storage technology—combined with block, file, and container storage in a single solution
  • SSD caching and journaling, data tiering, and auto re-balancing
  • Scalability—up to multiple petabytes in a single cluster
  • Hot-pluggable—increase/decrease capacity or replace a drive or a node without downtime
  • Storage tiers that organize storage space and keep different categories of data on different disks

Leverage your storage resources as part of a single pool across containers and VMs with high availability and redundancy. Make the move to software-defined storage today, our latest Virtuozzo Storage release makes the transition easy.

You can learn more about Virtuozzo Storage and sign up for FREE TRIAL here.