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Case Study: Host1Plus Moves from OpenVZ to Virtuozzo to Run Mission Critical Data Centers with Lowest TCO and Highest Availability

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Cloud-based Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions provider, Host1Plus, had been utilizing the open source virtualization solution, OpenVZ, to power its solutions for customers worldwide. The company came to realize that the challenges associated with an open source solution could be easily overcome by moving to the commercial version and decided to migrate to Virtuozzo to achieve better efficiency at a lower TCO.

Host1Plus was facing several challenges that needed to be addressed in order to continue to efficiently run its solutions. Some of the challenges included: a lack of easy-to-use tools for container management, not having a Linux kernel with the right level of quality assurance, no formal customer support contract or guaranteed SLA, unsupported 3rd party distributed storage, and a lack of automatic software updates. In addition, the company had to rely upon its engineering team to maintain the solution, which pulled resources away from focusing on its core business.

Realizing that the resources required to maintain its existing open source solution were leading to higher than expected costs and lacked the security, support and tools that could be gained from a commercial solution, Host1Plus decided to transition to the commercial version of Virtuozzo’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution.

Transitioning to Virtuozzo has significantly improved the efficiency of Host1Plus’ VPS solutions while enabling increased security and greater levels of flexibility to manage costs and improve profitability. Added features and functionality such as integrated software-defined storage, encrypted containers, built-in back up, responsive customer support and ReadyKernel technology to eliminate downtime have validated the company’s move to Virtuozzo.

As a result of the transition, Host1Plus has increased container density per compute node by consolidating its infrastructure by 50%. Host1Plus has been able to decrease costs and add value to customers by integrating new features that came with Virtuozzo into its solutions.

To learn more about the benefits Host1Plus was able to achieve by moving to Virtuozzo, including how it successfully runs its mission critical data centers with the lowest TCO and the highest availability, download the complete case study.