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Expanded Data Protection, Faster Installs and All Things Storage – Latest Update on Virtuozzo Products

George Karidis, Chief Executive Officer, Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo Announcements

At Virtuozzo our mission is to help companies adopt next generation hyperconverged platforms that enable the most flexible, scalable, and efficient ways to deliver cloud infrastructure and applications. That’s what gets us out of bed every day, and keeps our people and teams constantly on the go.

This past quarter was no different! We continued to deliver on our commitment to provide quarterly release updates for our products. Our Virtuozzo, update 5, and Virtuozzo Storage, version 2.2, releases added new features not only to make your life easier with faster installations, but we also enabled additional ways to protect your data. Some of the new features include S3 geo replication, entire storage tier data encryption, and UI improvements.

You can learn more and get the technical details below:

We’re also seeing huge interest and momentum around application modernization and cloud native apps with containers being talked about across the globe. We’re just back from the DockerCon EU event in Copenhagen where there was major momentum around both Docker and Kubernetes. Docker announced their support for K8s at the event, and we were right in the middle of the action, showcasing our new Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes solution on the show floor. With natively integrated and certified solutions for both Kubernetes and Docker, we can help companies move their apps to the cloud faster than ever with a proven persistent storage solution.

Finally, our VIP beta program is generating lots of interest with more than 30 participants since our June launch. The VIP beta program seeks customers to test and deploy our next generation platform for provisioning, orchestration and management of hyperconverged infrastructure services and solutions. The new platform packages Virtuozzo’s compute, storage and networking infrastructure components into a single software-based stack with simplified deployment and management. The platform delivers multi-tenancy and isolation, integrated software defined storage, high availability, and leverages standard OpenStack APIs for platform management.

We’re working closely with our current VIP beta participants to deploy the platform and explore new use cases. This includes enabling new offerings for service providers like virtual data center services, next generation VPS, and flexible storage services, as well as infrastructure optimization and application modernization solutions for businesses and enterprises. We’ve received more than 100 suggestions and feature requests to date, including valuable feedback to help simplify the installation process and make further UI improvements – keep it coming!

Soon, we’ll be expanding our beta program beyond current Virtuozzo customers to gather even broader input and further validate new use cases.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program and being a VIP beta program participant, email us at today.