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Find out What We’ve Been up to: Update on Product Enhancements and a Preview of our Next-Generation HCI Platform

George Karidis, Chief Executive Officer, Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo Announcements

The start of 2018 has certainly been eventful in our industry and provides the perfect time to catch you up on what we’ve been up to here at Virtuozzo. We continue to focus on providing consistent quarterly updates to our products that provide increased simplicity, efficiency and flexibility with every release.

Our latest product release, Update 6, brings advances to both compute and storage. This update features simplified set up and automated operations that makes managing high availability fast and easy. We have also included enhancements to Virtuozzo Storage that support a growing number of uses cases for enterprises and service providers, including hyperconverged infrastructure deployments and container storage for cloud native apps and micro-services.

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The momentum around container Storage has been picking up over the last quarter. We received a lot of attention at the KubeCon event last month in Austin where we provided demos for our latest Storage for Containers solution to hundreds of attendees. We heard from lots of companies looking for ways to manage persistent data in their container-based, cloud native environments. Our Virtuozzo Storage for Containers solution is optimized to manage persistent data in any container-based environment to help address existing applications or prepare for next generation, cloud native apps. Virtuozzo Storage supports both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm container orchestration platforms with native and certified storage integrations.

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We continue to focus on integration in order to make life easier for our customers. This past quarter we added integration with OpenNebula. Customers can now easily take advantage of the combined synergies of Virtuozzo’s hyperconverged platform and OpenNebula’s solution.

  • To learn more about the benefits we extend to our customers via this integration visit our blog post.
  • If you are ready to install, click here.

Looking ahead, our focus is on a major update for our next-generation hyperconverged platform. We have been running our VIP Beta program for several months now and continue to receive great feedback to help us improve this next release. Update 3.0 for VIP will feature a simplified installer and a completely redesigned UI. It will also include integrated storage and compute within the same management panel. Our team is working hard to make improvements that ensure we stay ahead of the curve. If you would like to be kept up-to-date on this release, subscribe for early updates here.

Check out a preview of the redesigned UI for VIP: