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Get an Early Preview of Our Next-Generation Hyperconverged Infrastructure Management Platform – Join the VIP Beta Program Today!

George Karidis, Chief Executive Officer, Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo Announcements

At Virtuozzo, we’ve built our business on trusted, long-term relationships with our customers. Our mission is to help companies adopt next generation hyperconverged platforms that enable the most flexible, scalable, and efficient ways to deliver cloud infrastructure and applications. This is our obsession, and our team is constantly at work with this objective in mind.

Since the beginning, when we brought the industry’s first container-based virtualization solutions for production workloads to market, we’ve worked side-by-side with our customers. Our goal is to understand their needs, get their feedback, and ensure that we are developing long-term solutions that support their business now and in the future. With every release, we bring new features, functionality and performance breakthroughs based on your input and needs.

Today, we’re hard at work developing our next generation software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure management platform, which we made available to current customers this past summer as part of our VIP Beta Program. The new platform provides simplified provisioning, orchestration, and management of cloud infrastructure. It’s designed for service providers to quickly and easily deploy new services, including cutting-edge VPS, fully virtualized data centers, and new storage-as-a-service offerings. The platform is also ideal for businesses looking to consolidate infrastructure, and reduce complexity and cost in their data centers by using a modern, software-defined solution – delivered by a single vendor.

To date, we’ve had more than 30 participants who have provided 100+ requests and suggestions for the new platform. But, we need more input!

As a result, I am pleased to announce that we are opening up the VIP Beta Program beyond our current customers. By expanding this opportunity to additional service providers and companies, we hope to further broaden our knowledge to better meet your needs. During this beta period, we will be improving and expanding on features and functionality based on your feedback. We think this provides you with the competitive advantage of having direct and substantial influence on a market-changing platform.

By joining the VIP Beta Program, you not only gain early access to our next generation platform, but we’ll also work closely with you to understand your requirements and how moving to a software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure can benefit your business with lower costs, better performance, and improved efficiency that drive higher profits.

If you’re ready to try the solution and see how to take advantage of a next generation hyperconverged infrastructure management platform, sign up here.

As always, we welcome questions, comments and further discussion anytime. Reach out to our team directly at