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Get Latest on Virtuozzos Platform Updates How Were Driving Efficiency for Customers

George Karidis, CEO, Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo Announcements

I’m excited to bring you a product update that includes key features of our latest release, Virtuozzo 7, Update 7, and that highlights some of the ways we’re working to improve our business to better serve you. Our goal is to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their partnership with Virtuozzo and to communicate our product and business enhancements regularly.

We recently released our latest update for the Virtuozzo Platform, which introduces a number of new features and fixes for both compute and storage. A few highlights include:

  • Optimized memory usage for Virtuozzo Storage services to improve overall system stability.
  • Punch holes are now enabled by default for Virtuozzo Storage in replication mode.
  • Container and VM templates on shared storage. You can now store container and virtual machine templates in shared directories of Virtuozzo Storage clusters. These templates will be available to any server participating in the cluster.
  • Linked VM clones. You can now create linked clones of virtual machines. A linked clone is a copy of a VM that shares virtual disks with the original VM. Linked clones take less time and disk space to deploy as they store only changes to the original disks rather than copy them whole.
  • Automatic installation of guest tools in VMs without 'cloud-init'. Virtuozzo guest tools can be installed automatically on VM start. Previously, doing so required 'cloud-init'. Now the same can also be done without it by means of the 'vz-guest-tools-updater' tool.
  • Added support for Ubuntu 17.10 guest OS in virtual machines.
  • The maximum size of virtual HDD in containers has been increased to 50 TB.

For more details, including how to install the latest update now, visit our support center.

Virtuozzo is excited to participate in the Red Hat Summit next month in San Francisco. Virtuozzo Storage is certified for the Red Hat Ecosystem. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to ensuring partner integration that ultimately makes life easier for our customers. We will be showcasing our software-defined storage solution for all attendees during the event May 8-10th. To learn more about our Red Hat certified solution, visit the partner page.

We have made progress with our next-generation HCI platform which we appreciated speaking about with several of you during the CloudFest event last month. Our beta program has closed thanks to extensive feedback we received from beta customers. We will share more information on the release candidate in the next quarterly update. If you would like information on early access or to stay informed of our progress, please contact us via email.

Finally, we continue to work to address the impact of the Spectre and Meltdown hardware-based vulnerabilities. Our priority is to ensure our customers have the latest information on the fixes and potential impact to your business. We know one of the biggest concerns has been around the performance issues associated with these fixes. We have been addressing the vulnerabilities proactively by sending email updates to subscribers. We recently released kernel with retpoline for Virtuozzo 6 which improves performance to near pre-Spectre level. A similar update for Virtuozzo 7 will soon be available. Look for additional email communication soon that will detail the results of this update.

Our team at Virtuozzo is always available to discuss our products in detail, provide a demo or answer any questions you have.  Feel free to reach out directly at Be sure keep up to date on all things Virtuozzo on our website and social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.