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Linux Kernel Security Exploit – Fix it Now!

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Today’s race condition security exploit (ID: CVE-2016-8655) reminds us that security risks continue to be a daily concern. It felt like we fixed Dirty Cow just yesterday!

If you haven’t heard, a security exploit caused by race condition in the packet_set_ring function has been discovered in the Linux Kernel. It allows a malware user to crash your kernel, escalate one’s privileges, or in the case of Virtuozzo 7, potentially even exploit a host through the virtual private server. This creates a potential danger for service providers to have their servers crashed or hacked through that vulnerability.

For Virtuozzo 7 users, we have already uploaded a fix, you can get it with the latest update via ReadyKernel, click here for more info. Please apply it now! For users of all other versions of Virtuozzo, there is no action needed at this time, as this problem only affects recent Linux kernels.

Security needs to be top of mind for all of us, at all times.

Virtuozzo is committed to immediately and actively working to provide fixes for any security exploits that impact our customers. This is why we have a dedicated security team proactively fixing security issues as soon as security specialists discover them, rather than waiting for others to implement these fixes first.

Here are few tips to stay on top of security threats and exploits:

  1. Be Aware – Keep yourself informed by monitoring security announcements and engaging with your peers.
  2. Be Proactive – Work with your vendors and providers to identify exploits before they cause damage.
  3. Be Fast – If a problem does occur, make sure you can fix it fast – check out the Virtuozzo platform with ReadyKernel, and see how to perform re-bootless security updates with zero downtime.

Finally, we would like to thank Philip Pettersson for discovering this vulnerability and being the one responsible for its disclosure, and to Solar Designer for coordinating the fix.