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Make Your VPS Indestructible with the New Virtuozzo Power Panel – See Demo at WHD Global!

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If you’re a longtime Virtuozzo user, you may be familiar with Virtuozzo Power Panel – a flexible tool for service providers and hosting companies to manage and recover their Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Now, just in time for World Hosting Days Global event in Rust, Germany, we’ve given Virtuozzo Power Panel a major redesign, including a new user interface and improved functionality across the entire toolset.

Virtuozzol Power Panel is based on the idea of making a VPS “indestructible”. No matter what happens to your VPS instance, with Virtuozzo Power Panel you can quickly and easily log into the same IP/hostname using a special port and perform an instant recovery. In other words, you can restart a VPS when it’s down, restore it from the backup, or simply reinstall and start from scratch. It’s that fast!

New User Interface
Designing a modern and easy-to-use UI experience was one of our key goals with the new Power Panel. We wanted to give our users an extremely simple tool for VPS management. In the new web UI, you can see all of your servers, not just a single one. It also includes all the “emergency” buttons to make recovery fast–like reset, reinstall or restore from a backup. Mass management operations and search are available too, and the new HTML5-based console is user-friendly, so it won’t produce security warnings or browser compatibility issues when logging into the VPS command line from the web.

New Architecture
In the new Power Panel architecture, we’ve introduced centralized cluster management. This allows users to manage every VPS they own from one console, regardless of their actual location on a particular hardware node.

The management service consists of the web UI front-end, authentication service, and a database. The database primarily describes your VPS ownership, and caches VPS specifications and backups, statistics, status updates and events. You can simply log into the single management URL. Upon authentication, a new web UI session is launched that retrieves the list of your VPS instances (even if they are distributed between hardware nodes), enabling management capabilities for all of them from a single place.

Unmatched Integration
The flexibility of integrating Power Panel with other systems is the area where the new version really shines.

The new Power Panel supports “legacy” style authentication, using a virtual private server’s own credentials. There is no “port redirect” anymore, which previously kept Power Panel “virtually” available on the original VPS IP address and port 4346. However, the user can still enter the VPS IP, use root (administrator for Windows guests) username and password–and login successfully.

To get the best results when using Power Panel, service providers just need to use the centralized authentication service to quickly create users and assign them to the virtual private servers they’ve deployed. Once this is done, a VPS can be managed and recovered even if they are destroyed from inside (remember the old “rm -rf /”), since this configuration has no dependency on the VPS credentials and authentication availability.

Since the majority of service providers already have an existing user database, introducing another one for Power Panel may not make sense for everyone. As a result, Power Panel now supports external authentication (through AD or LDAP integration). This means that all Power Panel functionality can be integrated into another management UI, since all the functions are available via REST API calls.

So, for a service provider who is developing their own VPS provisioning and management system, adding VPS management functions like restart, backup, restore or reinstall is a simple and straightforward process – with the help if Virtuozzo Power Panel.

Getting Started
Best of all, the new Virtuozzo Power Panel is included with the Virtuozzo Platform at no additional charge. If you’re a current Virtuozzo user, simply follow the instructions from the Admin’s guide. You’re in!

If you’re attending WHD this week, come visit us for a demo and more information. You can also see the latest Virtuozzo Platform release and our intergrated software-defined storage up close and personal.

We’re in WHD Booth Z01 and look forward to seeing you there!