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Sit Back, Relax and Take in Our Best Webinars from 2016!

Virtuozzo Announcements


In case you missed it, we did a handful of webinars this year. Below are quick overviews of the top three with links to the replays. There’s some great info on what’s new in Virtuozzo 7, including a deep-dive technical session, as well as our recent Storage webinar, which covers the latest in software-defined storage methods and best practices.

Take a look below, and be on the look out for more webinars in 2017!

Virtuozzo 7 – New Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Virtuozzo 7 is a leading virtualization platform for hosters and service providers that allows you to deploy containers, virtual machines, and software-defined storage. It also provides backups, an application catalog, and automation tools. Add in 15 years of development under our belts and an experienced support team, and you’ll get one of the most secure, most cost-effective virtualization solutions on the market – all with 24×7 production support, so you’re never alone.

This webinar covers the business cases and benefits of using Virtuozzo 7 for hosting, public or private clouds, as well as some unique technologies behind Virtuozzo 7, such as ReadyKernel, our zero downtime kernel maintenance solution.  Replay the webinar here.

Unlocking New Opportunities with Software-Defined Storage

Software-defined storage provides flexibility to operate in a variety of environments, from inside a container to a public cloud – it’s a true modern storage solution for modern workload requirements.

Watch this webinar as our engineering experts guide you through use cases and new opportunities with software-defined storage, including backups and archival, persistent storage for Docker, storage for 3rd party virtualization, and object storage. We’ll also look at what’s coming in the pipeline for our production tested, multi-tenant software-defined storage. Replay it here.

Technical Training Series Webinar – What’s New in Virtuozzo 7

This is a deep dive into the technical aspects of Virtuozzo 7. It is targeted to advanced users eager to learn more about the most recent Virtuozzo version. Key features and changes include our move to KVM for a hypervisor, full adoption of Cgroups & namespaces for containers, and an overview of the changes in cmd and guest tools.

For more info, you can always go to the Virtuozzo eLearning Portal at and make sure you’re familiar with all the valuable content there. This will help you get the most benefit out of this training. You can replay the technical training webinar here.