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Virtuozzo Linux 7 Gives Customers Two-Hundred Hours Per Month Back in Time Savings by Streamlining Data Center Security Updates with Zero Disruption

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New Operating System Delivers Broadest Support for Virtualization Technologies and Control Panels in Use by Service Providers and Hosters, including Docker, KVM, LXC, cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS

SEATTLE, WA September 14, 2016: Virtuozzo, powering more than five million virtual environments as the leading virtualization platform for service providers, announced general availability of Virtuozzo Linux 7, a new data center operating system (OS) designed for hosters and service providers that manage mission critical data centers with large amounts of infrastructure. Based on the CentOS7 distribution, Virtuozzo Linux 7 delivers enhanced security, provides professional support services, and lowers data center support costs with the innovative ReadyKernelTM service, which seamlessly applies security updates without any disruption to running apps. With Virtuozzo Linux 7, system administrators can save up to 200-hours of work per month performing system maintenance for every ten thousand servers deployed.

Virtuozzo Linux 7 integrates with the most popular virtualization technologies and control panels in use today, including KVM, containers from Docker and LXC, web control panels from Plesk and cPanel, and billing panel WHMCS.

“In working with our hosting and service provider partners over the years, we’ve seen clear need for an operating system designed for them that enables updates with minimal downtime and cost,” said Alexey Kobets, senior vice president of Research and Development, Virtuozzo. “With Virtuozzo Linux 7, we’re taking a proven OS that we have used for years and now making it available as a stand-alone offering for hosters and service providers to more efficiently and cost-effectively perform system and security updates.”

Virtuozzo Linux 7 has many new capabilities to address specific datacenter OS customer needs. Key capabilities include:

  • Enhanced security with a smaller package footprint that enables timely updates. With ReadyKernel, there is no need to reboot a server as updates are applied instantly and without downtime, resulting in system administrators not delaying updates.
  • Lower data center support costs that reduce the complexity and cost of intensive maintenance procedures. Virtuozzo research estimates that with Virtuozzo Linux, 200 hours of work per month can be saved for every ten-thousand servers deployed.
  • Professional support by a dedicated Linux engineering team that has contributed over 1,200 patches to the Linux open source community for the last 3 years. Support teams offer additional expertise including testing and optimization for specific workloads.

Virtuozzo Linux 7 is free for a 30-day trial and can be downloaded from

About Virtuozzo: Virtuozzo pioneered the first commercially available containers technology, and continues to innovate in areas ranging from industry-leading virtualized object storage to cloud-optimized Linux distributions to groundbreaking container migration technologies. Major service providers worldwide rely on Virtuozzo virtualization for a scalable and secure service platform. Virtuozzo is a contributor to many open source projects including OpenVZ, CRIU™, KVM, Docker, OpenStack and the Linux kernel, and maintains partnerships with Docker, OpenStack, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Open Container Initiative, and The Linux Foundation. Virtuozzo is headquartered in Seattle and has major offices in London and Moscow.