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Virtuozzo Now Offers Support for OpenNebula

Stanislav Khalup

Virtuozzo Announcements


Here at Virtuozzo we are constantly working on expanding our ecosystem by supporting more use cases, which we achieve by preserving compatibility with open APIs like libvirt.

Virtuozzo’s hyperconverged platform features a fine-tuned kvm-based hypervisor, efficient software-defined storage, and fully functional cluster management.

OpenNebula is a lightweight yet powerful open-source solution for building clouds and managing datacenter virtualization with the goal of providing the simplest cloud enabling platform for the enterprise. More details on OpenNebula features are available at: OpenNebula Key Features.

We are pleased to announce support of OpenNebula as a management panel for Virtuozzo’s Hyperconverged Platform. By combining the vast capabilities of OpenNebula with Virtuozzo-specific features of hypervisor and software defined storage, users are able to take advantages of the combined synergies including:

  • Fine-tuned KVM-based hypervisor with improved performance for Windows-guests
  • VM high availability
  • Live qemu updates
  • Rebootless kernel updates with ReadyKernel technology
  • Improved guest-tools with extended memory management features
  • Improved live migration
  • Storage that combines: iSCSI, block, NFS, geo-replicated S3 object storage
  • Data replication and erasure coding for both performance and storage utilization efficiency
  • Extended monitoring capabilities with SNMP and automatic notifications

OpenNebula packages are easy to install and are available right after Virtuozzo Platform installation. To learn more about the procedure and requirements or to install OpenNebula with Virtuozzo today visit: Setting Up OpenNebula on Top of Virtuozzo Platform.