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Virtuozzo’s Latest Release Provides Enhancements to Compute, Storage and Support – Improves Reliability and Simplifies Management for Customers

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The latest release of Virtuozzo’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform is now available. Virtuozzo 7 Update 6 provides enhancements to both compute and storage that reinforce our commitment to provide our customers with increased simplicity, efficiency and flexibility.

In addition, we’ve added automatic crash data collection to help improve the speed and efficiency of our software support functionality. The latest release now features:

  • Compute Updates: simplified high availability, improved live migration of VMs and containers
  • Storage Updates: geo replication for S3 object storage, limits for iSCSI targets, e-mail notifications on alarms and events of the storage cluster

Compute Enhancements Improve High Availability

One of the most significant capabilities of Virtuozzo’s HCI platform is high availability (HA) for containers and virtual machines (VMs). In the event of a node failure, all instances are automatically relaunched on another node. This is made possible by software-defined shared storage provided as one of the platform’s key components.

Previously, in order to include hardware node in the list of targets for HA, users had to perform a number of complicated configuration steps on each of the nodes. With the newest release, we’ve simplified the process significantly, only requiring one simple script execution from the end-user which reduces the chances of mistakes significantly.

In addition, we've changed the default behavior of the solution for live migration of VMs and Virtuozzo Containers. Initially the home directory of the instance was relocated to the datastore (shared storage folder in which all the data shares the same parameters of the availability and IO performance) that is configured as the default one for the target node. Such behavior could potentially lead to a number of problems, e.g. the instance could have been launched with slow –tier storage. With the introduction of Update 6 we change this so that the initial datastore is preserved in case of migration.

Enhanced Reliability and Predictability of Storage

One of Virtuozzo’s HCI platform’s key components is distributed, software-defined storage and with each update we introduce improvements both in terms of core components and value-added features aimed at improving the reliability and security and improving functionality to make management simple.

One of main features in our new release is geo-replication for our S3 object storage. With the introduction of this feature, users can be sure that data is secured even in the event of a datacenter outage. Geo-replication is supported for several remote clusters. The geo-replication configuration procedure is easy and is available from the Virtuozzo Storage UI. The only thing required from the user is to input the token generated by the control panel of the remote cluster:

Another added feature includes the capability to define the limits for iSCSI targets. The limits are available for both IOPS and bandwidth. The limit that hits first will be applied. The limits configuration is available in the storage cluster control panel:


The latest update also includes e-mail notifications on alarms and events of the storage cluster. We hope that the introduction of this function coupled with the SNMP monitoring is enough even for the most demanding operations professionals.


Support Feature - Automatic Crash Data Collection

Our latest release also features a significant improvement to the way data is collected in the event of a software crash. Previously, if software crash occurred, customers report the issue to our support team and are then often asked to gather data from the crash dump to help resolve the issue. In many cases, the data has been lost or deleted before this can happen, which lengthens the time it takes us to address the issue. With our latest update, in the event of a crash, all data is automatically collected from customer nodes and sent to Virtuozzo’s server so that duplicated crash data can be removed and our support team can begin to resolve the issue and fix bugs more efficiently.

Additional features included in the latest update include:

  • Virtuozzo System Containers now support ISCSI device pass-through
  • New kernel based on 4 kernel 3.10 introduces bugfixes and hardware support
  • Configurable SSL certificates for the storage control panel from the UI

Virtuozzo continuously aims to help companies adopt next generation hyperconverged platforms that enable the most flexible, scalable, and efficient ways to deliver cloud infrastructure and applications. Our regular updates enable us to continuously provide improvements that make your life easier by adding features that promote increased security, reliability and simplicity.

You can learn more about how Virtuozzo can help you adopt a next generation HCI Platform here.