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The cloud-based infrastructure market will see massive growth this coming year. Don’t miss out! 

Service providers can capture this growth by offering new ‘as a service’ solutions that customers need, while saving costs and adding value to their business. Discover how Platform as a Service – the next big opportunity for service providers – can take you there.

Plus hear from Carlos Pino, CEO of Tline, a leading Americas-based CSP, about how they leveraged Virtuozzo DevOps PaaS on top of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure to launch a simplified, turnkey Anything as a Service platform bringing efficiency and ease of use directly to its customers.


The $21 billion PaaS opportunity
A service provider blueprint for success
How to get started


CEO, TLine

Carlos Pino

CEO, TLine
Business Development, PaaS, Virtuozzo

Oleh Levkivskyi

Business Development,
PaaS, Virtuozzo